About Vanagam

Vanagam-seeds is designed to diversify the indigenous seeds and share the knowledge of indigenous variety seeds and its versatile behavior with the farmer’s commune. We realize that conservation of our indigenous breeds and seeds is very important for the economy and food security. We understand the Seeds are base for the livelihood of the sustainable living that’s the lesson we learn from nature. Also understand how the corporate industry is eager to patent all the seed varieties and introduce Genetically Modified seeds (GMO seeds) to destroy the seeds sovereignty of the people around the world.

Knowledge on seeds and its cropping where-in the hands of the farmers has been lost from the past few decades. Due to Green revolution we lost our seed sovereignty, it’s high time for conservation, renewal and rejuvenation of the Seeds. Its gift of our mother nature and our ancestors to sustain the biodiversity and we understand the responsibility to defend these gifts as common to all and not to make it as individual property by patenting it. Marginal farmers who are in the verge of livelihood crisis should be uplifted a step forward to a healthy, wealthy and sustainable life is our mission and for attaining our goal seeds should be within the hands of the farmers they should not rely upon the company seeds anymore.

Vanagam Seeds is a participatory channel and our intention is to conserve seeds and spread across thenindigenous seeds and Vanagam will be a channel for connect and knowledge sharing of the same. We identify, encourage and award the existing and new seed savers for their work for uplifting this community.